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The content is developed by registered CPD service providers BLACK ONYX (FPI + IOBSA) and FAnews ((FPI + IISA).

INSURANCE & REGULATION - BASIC INDIVIDUAL PACKAGE - R299 pp (once-off cost and also includes access to the INVESTING courses)

Limited to individual onboarding (i.e. 1 quantity at checkout), please refer to our other INSURANCE packages for group onboarding and additional services.

Why you should still consider this package given most of the content is freely available? We are not trying to rip anyone off, but make life simpler for time-short professionals, aggregating relevant content and all your CPD certificates in one easy digital solution, notwithstanding the inclusion of 3+ REGULATION hours’ worth more than the package itself and access to the 18+ hours in the INVESTING courses

- Access to 15 hours of CPD content on INSURANCE.
- 3+ REGULATION Hours of Ethics & Practice Standards.
- Access to all the INVESTING content.
- Access to online assessments to generate verifiable CPD points.
- Access to certificates after completing each mini-course.

- Group onboarding for 10+ users.
- Monthly reporting for the firm to monitor the Teams' activity.
- Consolidated Team CPD register at the end of the CPD cycle.

BE BETTER INFORMED through the following INSURANCE modules (15 CPD points) and topics to look out for:

• FAnews November 2018 Edition (3 CPD points): Big data and insurance, the economic reality of uninsurance, CPD process and record keeping, complicated liability claim, digital transformation
• FAnews February 2019 Edition (3 CPD points): Full disclosure, the road haulage industry, underwriting at claim stage, Insurers take on PPRs, transferring a policy ‘as is’ without a FNA
• FAnews April 2019 Edition (3 CPD points):  COFI explained, caution around cybercrime and expectations of CPD.
• The Insurance Apprentice - Episode 1 (1 CPD point): Minimising client risk and generating revenue through education and better portfolio management.
• The Insurance Apprentice - Episode 2 (1 CPD point): Should the company should offer reinsurance capacity on this risk or not?
• The Insurance Apprentice - Episode 3 (1 CPD point): Cyber risk management, breach and policy cover
• The Insurance Apprentice - Episode 4 (1 CPD point): Sustainability of a business model, financial viability, relevancy to the insurance industry.
• The Insurance Apprentice - Episode 5 (1 CPD point): Develop and price a value-add warranty product.
• The Insurance Apprentice - Episode 7 (1 CPD point): Premium collection, legislation of payments to brokers, Impact on the customer, insurer and broker

Remain FIT & PROPER through the following REGULATION modules (4,5 CPD points):

• RDR (Retail Distribution Review) (3 CPD points)
• Financial Services Regulation Overview
• Treating Customers Fairly (“TCF”)
• Financial Intelligence Centre Act “FICA”
• Protection of Personal Information Act (“POPI”)
• Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (“FAIS”)
• Financial Markets Act – Focusing on Market Abuse
• Conflict of Interest (“COI”)

If you are a team of 10+ users, consider upgrading to our BULK package and benefit from a group onboarding and a discount. If you want a centralised CPD scorecard to monitor your Team and aggregate their CPD activity into 1 report , consider upgrading to our GOLD package