THE CPD HUB was established as an independent platform, attracting multiple CPD service providers and industry stakeholders to share their knowledge with financial professionals and investors. 

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Our mission is to deliver high-quality CPD content that is easily accessible from your phone, tablet or PC. Embracing technology, we will support time-short financial professionals with cost-effective and relevant CPD material.

Thank you to everyone who has collaborated in making this platform possible, addressing the regulatory burden, ensuring financial professionals remain fit & proper and investors are better informed.

BLACK ONYX was established in 2015 to serve the financial services industry and has since evolved to become an advisory, distribution specialist and RegTech provider, supporting economic transformation and financial literacy.

If you are interested in learning more about investing from many of the contributors to our content, please visit FUND HUB, an independent platform profiling traditional, passive, boutique and alternative asset managers.